2017 Review

2017: A year in review

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People in the Big Data field are used to a changing landscape. The year 2017 was no exception as it brought many changes in our way of processing, understanding and interacting with data. These are some of the highlights of what happened: Data streaming If you’ve worked with any relational database system (DB2, Oracle, Postgres) or even with traditional Hadoop/Hive, …

Merry Big Data and AI New Year

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We don’t want to bore you with an overextended message, but we can’t help but feel that 2017 has been an amazing ride, a roller-coaster filled with intense experiences that only make life twice as exciting. As thankful we are for being here and doing exactly what we do, we wish to extend our best wishes to all of you: …

Kerberos & Hadoop: Securing Big Data (part II)

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In this second part of the Kerberos series, we’re going to review how to configure our system to get a properly secured environment. The post will provide some important tips about the configuration, but it isn’t a typical command guide. Also, if your are starting with the basics, in our previous post Kerberos & Hadoop: Securing Big Data (part I) we …

wizard of oz

The Wizard of Oz, Smart City version!

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Once upon a time, a girl named Dorothy lived in the state of Kansas Oz, in a smart city named Emerald City. A huge tornado struck this city, but fortunately, Dorothy and all the other citizens had been evacuated way before the tornado reached them. In this city, people used to guide themselves through a yellow brick road, but sometime after, …


Codemotion 2017: Un derroche de talento y carisma

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Este año hemos acudido por primera vez al Codemotion y además en calidad de invitados. Sabíamos que se trataba de un evento grande entre los desarrolladores, pero no fuimos muy conscientes de su magnitud hasta que presenciamos la ingente cantidad de participantes, las amplias salas repletas de gente y la locura de tener que ir con tiempo si querías encontrar …

Datatons at SCEWC17

Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 – A window to the cities of the future

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Last week the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 took place, and following the publication of our paper on Public Transport Optimization, Datatons was invited to attend the event as speakers. We were thrilled to hear the news and time flew between the notification and November 14th! So the date arrived, we packed our things, unfolded our best presentation cards …

Hierarchical Clustering of Twitter Followers

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Hi again!!! In this new post we are going to explore an impressive way of clustering Twitter followers, using the Datatons account as an example. We will try to segment our followers in different groups and see what they have in common. For this we are going to use Hierarchical Clustering in Python. If you want to see the complete code …

eShow 2017: Big Data en la corte del E-Commerce

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Hace unos días tuvo lugar el eShow en el IFEMA, ¡y no queríamos demorarnos más en publicar nuestro artículo sobre el evento! Lo primero de todo, para aquellos que no hayáis escuchado antes hablar de ello, el eShow es una feria sobre el E-Commerce, que tiene lugar en Barcelona y Madrid durante el segundo y cuarto trimestre, respectivamente. Cualquier evento …

Google Developer Days Europe: A pleasant surprise

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“Too much developer stuff!”, I remember telling Inés prior to the event. Not much of an excuse, but guess I wasn’t really trying to convince anyone and thankfully, my colleague not only didn’t share my grumpy mood, but her usual cheerful attitude easily helped me overcome my reluctancy. So this is how our trip to Krakow began, with little expectations …

Big Data es el New Black

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Todo el mundo de habla de Big Data,  sobre si es una de las tecnologías mas disruptivas de los últimos años, del potencial que tiene, de los problemas de privacidad derivados de las nuevas capacidades para almacenar datos… Es cierto que poco a poco, aunque cada vez son más, las empresas se están lanzando a la aventura de los datos con …