Google Developer Days Europe: A pleasant surprise

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“Too much developer stuff!”, I remember telling Inés prior to the event. Not much of an excuse, but guess I wasn’t really trying to convince anyone and thankfully, my colleague not only didn’t share my grumpy mood, but her usual cheerful attitude easily helped me overcome my reluctancy. So this is how our trip to Krakow began, with little expectations over the Google Developer Days Europe that we were about to attend. This been said, I cannot but admit that it turned out to be an outstanding experience and a great opportunity to visualize the path ahead of us. Best thing of all, that moment when you realize you’re heading in the same direction as Google!

The key message at the conference and one we’re hearing again and again, is that Artificial Intelligence is going to change everything. Google has taken this to a whole new level changing their slogan, from Mobile first to AI first. As bold as this may sound, we loved it!!

As you can imagine, after hearing this in the keynote we expected a lot of references to Artificial Intelligence during the talks and more insight on the topic, but we only had a very short talk on Tensorflow (introduction only) and the classic “how you can do everything through Google ML APIs”. To me, a special remark must be made on behalf of Sara Robinson’s talk as the best presentation of the conference. She made a superb presentation about ML API’s with great demos on everything (awesome video indexing!!!)

But the star of the show for me was Google Assistant. During day 2, Keynote Behshad Behzadi made an incredible demo on the progress behind Google Assistant, and the easy integration they’ve achieved in order to summon your application inside it – It’s astonishing. I have no doubt over the fact that we will soon start hearing a lot more about app development through this environment.
GDD Europe

Datatons in Google Developer Days Europe

The bittersweet moment of the event arrived upon realizing the misspent efforts they continue to spare in IoT and Android Things. Considering the huge investment they are performing (we all came home with a Pico Pro Maker Kit!! ), they are yet far from delivering proportional results.

A positive mention must also be performed on behalf of the growth in Serverless world. My DevOps side enjoyed thoroughly all the FireBase and Cloud Functions talks. Somehow, the underlying feeling was that if you develop apps not relying on either, then you certainly enjoy complicating things a lot. Amazon and Google are making the app development an integration task more than a development one. GG WP, Google!

Last but not least, following their trend to make a bit of noise over certain topics, during this convention they ran quite a show over Augmented Reality. The ARCore and its presentation left us all longing for more and more AR apps that we cannot but expect to hear about!

We would like to end this article with a special mention to Sowmya Subramanian’s talk, as single-handledly, the best Diversity talk I’ve ever seen. What an impressive closure for a remarkable event.

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