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The Wizard of Oz, Smart City version!

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Once upon a time, a girl named Dorothy lived in the state of Kansas Oz, in a smart city named Emerald City. A huge tornado struck this city, but fortunately, Dorothy and all the other citizens had been evacuated way before the tornado reached them. In this city, people used to guide themselves through a yellow brick road, but sometime after, Dorothy and her friends replaced it with Google maps within their smartphone, so they would know not only how to get back home, but also the exact time when they would reach their destination.

Dorothy had plenty of friends, some of them she met through different people matching applications that would group them together because of their common interests and goals:

  • The Scarecrow, who she met within a Meetup of animal welfare, and with who she quickly bonded through the shared love towards wildlife.
  • The Tin Man, who she met through Tinder, attracted by his charming looks but who was quickly placed into the friendzone when she realized he had no empathy whatsoever.
  • The Cowardly Lion, who came as a Facebook friend suggestion because he knew the previous two, but quickly bonded with her as they both played World of Warcraft.

Additionally, Dorothy had a dog named Toto, that had been adopted at the local SPCA, and carried a SIM card within his microchip so he would never get lost again.

The Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City’s ruler, knew the potential behind machine learning and that’s why he solved the Scarecrow’s processing problems, implementing a bot within a raspberry pi in his head. When the Cowardly Lion came to him to address his bravery issues, he used logistic regression in order to implement a decision tree that would help the feline make the right choices. As for the Tin Man, the Wizard just advised him to keep trying – “Swipe right, grasshopper”. All of this was made possible because the Wizard had time to care about his citizens since he ruled in very efficient fashion – after all, that’s what machine learning is all about!

An evil Witch used to create all sorts of problems in Emerald City because of her extreme fashion victimism. She used to send packs of winged monkeys to harass the citizens, steal pretty shoes and kidnap little dogs, until the Wizard implemented a predictive algorithm through which the city knew hours in advance, when the primates would show up. Additionally, he installed monkey image recognition patterns within the city’s cameras that would raise the alarm, should every other measure fail – Just in case! With her minion’s taken care of, and with nobody to do the shopping for her, the Witch started buying online and product recommendation engines quickly provided her prettier alternatives to the shoes she saw other people wear. This way, she would always be amongst Instagram’s most fashionable, and never have the need to give hell.

But out of the initiatives carried within Emerald City, the most intelligent move the Wizard made was to merge all the data within a single datalake, a Big Data platform, designed and maintained by Datatons, that not only would compile the city’s information on urbanism, transportation, energy consumption and pollution, but would also integrate public demand through social networks and security devices.

In this story, it could happen that just like in the movie, the Wizard of Oz turned out to be just a normal person. Or maybe a unicorn, maybe a data scientist…

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