Big Data and Data Analytics: a Large Challenge Offering Great Opportunities

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Big Data is expanding faster than ever. Therefore, all technologies, views, and applications that Big Data offers are changing quickly. Big Data could either lead to a bright future or devastation. Despite this extreme, Big Data is vital for businesses and represents an important part of consumer finance as it carries the immense potential to backup consumer financial health correctly. …

Types of NoSQL Databases: Choosing the right one

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To continue the previous post NoSQL vs Relational: Which database to use, we will explain the different types of NoSQL databases depending on their target usage. Why should the target usage make a difference? Because bear in mind that when data is saved, not all of it holds the same structure. For example it’s not the same if we work with …

2017 Review

2017: A year in review

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People in the Big Data field are used to a changing landscape. The year 2017 was no exception as it brought many changes in our way of processing, understanding and interacting with data. These are some of the highlights of what happened: Data streaming If you’ve worked with any relational database system (DB2, Oracle, Postgres) or even with traditional Hadoop/Hive, …