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We’re only one month into 2018 and business is already bursting with dazzling initiatives like the chatbots mentioned in our previous article. But not all the brilliant ideas come from Apple or Google, and today we wanted to place the spotlight into a local community event that has caught our attention: Next week, four of the most prominent communities in the tech environment will be combining efforts to hold a very, very promising meetup.

Neo4j: The #1 Platform for Connected Data.
Big Data Spain: One of the three largest conferences in Europe about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technologies and Digital Transformation.
RLadies: Ever heard of Grease’s pink ladies? Well, they’re just as cool, but much smarter!
Big Data Madrid: Our local community movement aiming to universalize the world of data.

So what’s special about this meetup? Well, allow us to summarize the answer that question with the following picture:

With a combined power level over 9000, we’ve been told the meetup will have a small introduction followed by a very promising talk from the Rladies, a very cool one from Neo4j, a quiz with free swag promoted by the latter, and for those of you still hungering, networking time!

Couldn’t ask for more to a Wednesday evening plan! Want to know time and place? Click here!

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