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Datatons’ legos around the world!

Last week we were privileged to be guests at Google For Entrepreneurs Exchange: AI & Machine Learning, that took place in Zurich, Switzerland. The event aimed at bringing 10 top international startups to Zurich, in order to grant them exposure to the Swiss business environment, whilst a select group of experts and technicians mentored each initiative in order to ensure they reached their full potential. The talent hotspot that Google managed to generate was a great opportunity for Datatons to share points of view, experiences and feedback with the companies there gathered, and use open knowledge as a tool to learn and grow. An astonishing experience with a superb personal and professional outcome.

Inés Huertas performing her pitch presentation

Datatons was lucky to have two outstanding mentors named Aladar and Philippe. Two rock-stars with insane business foresight with whom we hope to achieve great things together! We were also honored to attend Google’s headquarters and receive master tips from their experts. ImpactHub spoiled us to the extent of taking us to the Alps to witness an epic sunset! All of this and more, surrounded by companies as talented and awesome as:

Summit’s startup crew! Pure awesomeness

Visits to ETH, Kraftwerk, Google Office and Start Summit!! We cannot but be wholeheartedly thankful to ImpactHub for their commitment to excel. Friends, see you in Madrid!

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