Discovering the swiss AI of life

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Last week we were privileged to be guests at Google For Entrepreneurs Exchange: AI & Machine Learning, that took place in Zurich, Switzerland. The event aimed at bringing 10 top international startups to Zurich, in order to grant them exposure to the Swiss business environment, whilst a select group of experts and technicians mentored each initiative in order to ensure …

T3chFest 2018

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Lunes de resaca, pero no precísamente por haber bebido en exceso. La cabeza dando vueltas después de las intensas jornadas, la semana pasada en la Universidad Carlos III, disfrutando de uno de los eventos tecnológicos más destacables del panorama nacional a día de hoy. Un evento que en ésta, su sexta edición, ha dado un salto importantísimo desde el año …

Meetup Mashup

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We’re only one month into 2018 and business is already bursting with dazzling initiatives like the chatbots mentioned in our previous article. But not all the brilliant ideas come from Apple or Google, and today we wanted to place the spotlight into a local community event that has caught our attention: Next week, four of the most prominent communities in …

Big Data and Data Analytics: a Large Challenge Offering Great Opportunities

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Big Data is expanding faster than ever. Therefore, all technologies, views, and applications that Big Data offers are changing quickly. Big Data could either lead to a bright future or devastation. Despite this extreme, Big Data is vital for businesses and represents an important part of consumer finance as it carries the immense potential to backup consumer financial health correctly. …

Types of NoSQL Databases: Choosing the right one

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To continue the previous post NoSQL vs Relational: Which database to use, we will explain the different types of NoSQL databases depending on their target usage. Why should the target usage make a difference? Because bear in mind that when data is saved, not all of it holds the same structure. For example it’s not the same if we work with …

2017 Review

2017: A year in review

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People in the Big Data field are used to a changing landscape. The year 2017 was no exception as it brought many changes in our way of processing, understanding and interacting with data. These are some of the highlights of what happened: Data streaming If you’ve worked with any relational database system (DB2, Oracle, Postgres) or even with traditional Hadoop/Hive, …

Kerberos & Hadoop: Securing Big Data (part II)

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In this second part of the Kerberos series, we’re going to review how to configure our system to get a properly secured environment. The post will provide some important tips about the configuration, but it isn’t a typical command guide. Also, if your are starting with the basics, in our previous post Kerberos & Hadoop: Securing Big Data (part I) we …

wizard of oz

The Wizard of Oz, Smart City version!

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Once upon a time, a girl named Dorothy lived in the state of Kansas Oz, in a smart city named Emerald City. A huge tornado struck this city, but fortunately, Dorothy and all the other citizens had been evacuated way before the tornado reached them. In this city, people used to guide themselves through a yellow brick road, but sometime after, …


Codemotion 2017: Un derroche de talento y carisma

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Este año hemos acudido por primera vez al Codemotion y además en calidad de invitados. Sabíamos que se trataba de un evento grande entre los desarrolladores, pero no fuimos muy conscientes de su magnitud hasta que presenciamos la ingente cantidad de participantes, las amplias salas repletas de gente y la locura de tener que ir con tiempo si querías encontrar …