Discovering the swiss AI of life

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Last week we were privileged to be guests at Google For Entrepreneurs Exchange: AI & Machine Learning, that took place in Zurich, Switzerland. The event aimed at bringing 10 top international startups to Zurich, in order to grant them exposure to the Swiss business environment, whilst a select group of experts and technicians mentored each initiative in order to ensure …

Google Developer Days Europe: A pleasant surprise

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“Too much developer stuff!”, I remember telling Inés prior to the event. Not much of an excuse, but guess I wasn’t really trying to convince anyone and thankfully, my colleague not only didn’t share my grumpy mood, but her usual cheerful attitude easily helped me overcome my reluctancy. So this is how our trip to Krakow began, with little expectations … y Data Science Madrid: como agua de mayo

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Parece que la primavera quiere aparecer: días más largos, temperaturas más suaves durante el día… todo empieza a florecer y nosotros no podíamos ser menos. Nos quitamos la bufanda y los guantes y nos lanzamos de lleno a la primavera. Así que, para celebrar el resurgir de la vida, ¿qué mejor manera que traeros el agua de mayo de los …